Saturday, July 31, 2010

Virtual zoo trip

Let's wander around the virtual zoo a bit and see some of the amazing animals we share this planet with.  With whom we share this planet.  Whatever. 

The sender of this card described the orangutan as "intelligent, long arms and reddish-brown hair".  Sounds like my high school junior prom date. This little fellow flosses after every meal.

The armadillo does not floss because it has no teeth.  They eat mostly insects that they catch with their long, sticky tongues.  In Spanish "armadillo" means "little armored one".  They are one of the few known non-human animal species that can contract leprosy.  Now won't that bit of knowledge come in handy next time you're on Jeopardy?

From Estonia we have the species Vulpes vulpes, commonly known as the red fox. These foxes have poor eyesight but can run up to 45 mph.  As a result, they frequently collide with trees.

People don't look nearly this cute when they eat crackers.

This is a very old card I picked up somewhere. Unfortunately, I can't read the date on the postmark, but I would guess it to be from the 1960's.  The description is "Remnants of early Texas are displayed in this glass showcase on the lawn of the Court House at George West, Texas."  It was addressed to someone in Sour Lake, Texas.  The name sort of makes you want to move there, doesn't it?  Even more so when you learn that Sour Lake is home to one of the biggest sinkholes in Texas.

The person who wrote this card said the bull was from the "West Ranch" where her brother had worked for 50 years. He was lucky they didn't stuff him for this exhibit.

Clyde the parrot thinks I'm neglecting his feathered friends so here we have some birds from New Zealand.

Now have a nice glass of milk and take a nap.

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