Friday, July 02, 2010

Looking East

A little trip to the Orient today. First stop, a Japanese castle that was built in 1611.

This is Hirosaki-jo Castle in northeastern Japan. Be sure to visit here in April or May when the 2600 cherry trees on the grounds are in bloom. Originally built with five stories, the castle was destroyed by lightning in 1627. (Remember that bad storm?)  It was rebuilt with only three stories. Apparently the lightning gods approved because it hasn't burnt to the ground since then.

Oh, one more thing: this area is known for having the best apples in Japan, so you will find apple juice, apple treats, apple-everything; eat up.

This is a painting from China called "Skillful Wife". She appears to be sewing up her cats, which I've been tempted to do a few times myself, especially when Malcolm wakes me up at 3:30 am for treats.

This is what you might have worn had you been an official or a member of the nobility during China's Han Dynasty. If anyone can translate the Chinese characters on the card, please let me know. It's probably just laundry instructions - cold water, with like colors, no starch. No, wait, it looks like starch WAS used. How would you like to stand like THAT all day?

And finally, back to Japan for one of my favorite art cards.

Asian art is so beautiful.  I love it.

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