Monday, July 26, 2010

Oregon State Fair 2010

Although this is an Australian card, it definitely has that "state fair" look about it, which got me to thinking ahead to this year's Oregon State Fair.  It will be held here in Salem, August 27th - September 6th. Salem is Oregon's most exciting city, if you don't count Portland.

I'm trying to decide which competitions I will enter this year, but there's so much to choose from.  Sometimes I just wish I could be two people. (Sometimes after a large meal, I'm pretty sure I AM two people.)

I would enter Clyde in the Wall-of-Noise Parrot contest if it was being held this year, but unfortunately it is not. I'll never hear the end of this from Clyde. And I probably wouldn't do well in any of the livestock categories, since I have none. I knew I'd regret not buying that pig.

So what's left? Hard choices....
  • The Oregon Dairy Council's 2010 Milk Mustache Contest
  • The 17th Annual Hermiston Watermelon All State Seed Spitting Contest
  • The Craft Warehouse Dress-a-Potato Contest
  • The 13th Annual Old Fashioned Corn Shucking Contest 
Oh darn... I just noticed that the Dress-a-Potato Contest is only for children. Well, shucks. There goes Whistlin' Idaho Slim, the Rustlin' Russet.

I think I shall spit my way to fame in the watermelon contest, after which I will be so happy that I'll be bound to win the Milk Mustache contest.  Now if I can just remember when to spit and when to swallow.

Oh, I just love getting my picture in the paper!

For other, possibly more informative, news on the upcoming fair, go to the fair's website.

I'm going to go practice my spitting now.

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