Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Plant a postcard

How are y'all doing today?  Ready for a short trip?

Let's begin in the city of Tilburg, known as the "wool capital" of The Netherlands.

This card came with a very unusual type of stamp: it has flower seeds imbedded in it under a thin layer of plastic. You can peel them off and plant them! Leave it to the Dutch to come up with a great idea like this!

The following card from Kaunas, Lithuania led me to a Lithuanian web site that has a gorgeous birds-eye "tour" of the city, along with some beautiful relaxing music. Well worth a few minutes of your time, I think. 

Kaunas has a number of sister cities around the world, including one here in the U.S. - Los Angeles.

Remember our earlier discussion of a possible ski trip to Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand? I thought you might like to see how it looks when it's erupting.

How fast can you ski?

Here is some fantastic architecture from the German city of Köln (what we Americans call Cologne). 

Just one art card today, this one sent from Russia. The artist is Vincent van Gogh. For such a small country, The Netherlands has certainly produced more than its share of wonders. I mean, not only Vincent van Gogh, but stamps with SEEDS!!

Landscape at Auvers After Rain (Landscape with Carriage and Train), 1890.

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