Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Busy day for Henry

Some days are just a lot busier than others. Ask King Henry VIII. On this day in 1540, Thomas Cromwell was executed for treason at Henry's order. Plus Henry married his fifth wife, Catherine Howard.

Now Catherine should have realized right then and there that her hubby-to-be had some anger management issues, but her stairway didn't reach quite to the top so this didn't occur to her. Sadly, after less than two years of marriage, she found herself permanently separated from her thinking mechanism.

Henry's social secretary was also beheaded for scheduling too much excitement on one day.

This calls for some strawberries!

Rusti and I lived in Northwest Arkansas for a while, many years ago. We would occasionally drive up to the town of Eureka Springs. A very touristy place, but lots of fun. It doesn't seem like somewhere that you would find interesting Victorian architecture, but there it is.  This pre-1900 home now serves as a restaurant.

Have you planned your "bald" party yet? In case yesterday's party tip did not appeal to you, I now offer another for your consideration. Put on LOTS of clothes (preferably black and white), including a hat, then go outside and make up dances on the spot. No music allowed - just use your imagination. Switch partners as often as possible. Here's how it was done in Sweden.

I would like to be sitting at one of the outdoor cafe tables shown on this card from Münster, Germany.  So would all of the people in the photo above.

Here's somewhere I've never been, but would love to visit: The Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.

And somewhere I have been and would like to revisit, Vancouver, British Columbia.

I always like to end on a note of confusion, if possible, so tell me please, what was Picasso THINKING when he painted this?

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