Thursday, July 29, 2010

Round round get around

Today's theme, more or less, is how to get from Point A to Point B.

Point A might be your cave in the forest and Point B might be the secret time travel portal that takes you to the 15th century. Or Point A could be something as mundane as a haunted house and Point B your psychiatrist's office. 

Whatever, it's important to get from where you are to where you will be. Several postcards I have received offer good suggestions for reaching your destination.

You can always hitch a ride with Mom.

But Mom may be busy planning her next party or tuning her ukulele.  Your next best bet is to get your 10-speed (or 1-speed, as the case may be) and start heading down that long, lonesome road, preferably with a friend and a few chickens.  Note that you can either ride your bicycle or simply accompany it on a walk.

If you do decide to walk, it's always a good idea to have a map with you. In this modern world, the landscape can change very quickly, so it's best not to use a map from 1912.

Racing to get from Point A to Point B can be very exciting.  Camel drag-racing is very popular in some parts of the Middle East. 

If camels are too slow for you, there's always the Formula 1 race car. Just be aware that you will never even SEE Point B and could end up just about anywhere.

I thought you might enjoy this early Beach Boys photo. Brian Wilson is driving the little deuce coupe, while Dennis has already picked up a hot babe in the back seat.  Fun, fun, fun 'till Daddy takes the Model T away.

You can always take to the water for a more leisurely trip, as shown in these cards from Canada and The Philippines.  Be prepared to paddle and swat mosquitos.

And finally, don't forget the joys of train travel. Having once been in a train wreck myself, I can vouch for the fun factor.  Here's a scene from the 45th annual Taiwanese Big Boss Train competition.  Zero to sixty in four days.

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