Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Party tips

I'm sitting here listening to some quiet music - nodding off, actually - so how about we take a look at some of the cards I've recently received in the mail?  Soon you'll be nodding off too. But wait.... this post includes some great tips for your next get-together. Especially if you're a bald man.

First, a picture I wish I'd taken, sent from Barbara in The Netherlands.

Isn't this a great photo of three kids at the edge of a pool? This card was sent from Lithuania. The words translate to "Unbreakable Friendship". Just wait until someone gets pushed in the pool.

You know, I never learned to swim, although I was quite athletic in most respects as a youngster.  But put me in a swimming pool and I'd sink like a stone. Now, a few (?) pounds heavier, I practically float away in a Jacuzzi. Built-in water wings. I wonder what would happen if I just jumped in a swimming pool now. Well, if you don't hear from me again, you'll know.

Here's a 13th century Moravian castle in what is now the Czech Republic. It is still in very good condition, as you can see, thanks to some renovations over the years. Thanks for this card to Eva, who is also still in very good condition. I'm not sure about her renovations.

From modern-day Belarus, here is a castle that could definitely use a few renovations. This is a real DIY fixer-upper for some young couple. 

I can't quite make out the signature on the card. It's either Dasha, Pasha or Pasta - probably one of the first two.

Now the promised party throwing tips, from Taras Bulba. There was a man who knew how to have a good time!  I don't know whether bald men have more fun, or whether having too much fun causes one to go bald, but this party was a real corker, so please consider a "bald" theme for your next celebration.

Remember, it is not necessary to have seating for all your guests. The fun only increases when everyone mills about, pointing and guffawing. Notice there is a secretary taking notes, since otherwise no one would remember what happened the next day.

I sort of need a couple of aspirin after looking at this card. 

Thanks to Natalia in Russia for the great painting!

And finally, my favorite card of the week. But just imagine having to blog on this machine!

Thanks to Helga in Germany for this card.

See you again soon - unless I go swimming.

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