Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Teddy bears and vampires

I received a card from Germany today with a drawing of an adorable teddy bear by the artist Joelle Wolff. 

I'd never heard of her before, so I did a little googling and found that she draws a LOT of teddy bears and other cute critters. If you have children, or still have a little bit of the child left inside you, you might enjoy looking at some of her other work.  Very cute stuff.

And for a real change of pace...a card from Sighişoara, Romania (Transylvania...hehehe).

Although this town is famous for being the birthplace of Vlad III The Impaler, better known as Dracula, it would be an extremely interesting place even without its well-known "vampire".  The history, architecture and remnants of the medieval era (the town was built by Saxons starting in the 12th century) would keep a history buff busy for weeks. I wouldn't normally think of Romania as a possible vacation spot, but this town sounds fascinating. I wouldn't go walking in the woods after dark though.

Here are a few sights from Austria - beautiful mountains and a cow heinie, among other things.

The couple on top of the rock are yelling "yodel-eh-ee-hoo" which is German for "HEY!!! How do we get down off this darn rock!!!". 

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