Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Siberian cats

This postcard is unique to me for two reasons: it is the only card I've received so far from Siberia, and is the only card I have received with nine stamps on it.  Remember this tip if you ever feel obligated to send someone a postcard but really have nothing to say to them: use LOTS of stamps, leaving just enough room to write "HI!" on the card.

Have you ever heard of the Siberian cat?  Probably not, because they are uncommon in the U.S. (In Siberia, not so much.)

This breed is known as "the dog of the cat world".  They will come when called, are highly intelligent and have wonderful personalities. They like to have long chirp-like conversations with their owners. In Russian. They are great lap-cats and tend to follow their owners from room to room. I want one, or two. Ah heck, I'll take the whole pile.

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