Monday, June 28, 2010

Tips for Healthy Living

Have at least one pet. They help reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol, and are a great help in relieving loneliness. Just be aware that they expect to be rewarded accordingly.

Incorporate a daily stretching routine into your schedule. If you do not have a stretching tree in your yard, indoor stretching is a less desirable, but acceptable, substitute. Seriously consider planting that tree though. Not only does tree stretching include the benefits of fresh air and sunlight, but your neighbors will be greatly entertained.

Be kind to your parents. Mama can get pretty testy when you don't compliment her biscuits.

Do not forget the importance of fashion.  Be sure to dress appropriately when picking out your shoes for the day.  Don't you just love the clunkers that are second from the right?

Stand by your man, as long as he shaves properly.

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