Friday, June 25, 2010

Shall we do Estonian tonight?

Photographer Anne Geddes is popular all over the world for her pictures of babies and flowers.  This card was sent to me from Estonia. Some things are universal.

Another card from Estonia, this one from the beautiful old city of Tallinn.

I've read that when Estonians go abroad, the food they miss the most is their black rye bread. Good hearty bread has always been held in high esteem in Estonia.  As someone who finds most American bread uninteresting, I can definitely relate to that. In olden days, if a piece of bread was accidentally dropped on the floor, it had to be picked up and kissed.  I still do this with cookies.

It's been said that Estonian food tastes much better than it sounds. This must be true.

Boiled pork in jelly 
Baltic fish in acid sauce
Fermented Oat Flummery  
Herring and potato salad
Marinated Eel
Blood Sausages 

Just a piece of black rye bread for me, please. 


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