Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Greetings From Budapest

Ha, fooled you!  No, I am not in Budapest.  I could have waxed ecstatic over the marvelous goulash I had for dinner, and my long walk (or waltz?) afterwards along the Danube. But I suspect fantasy would have exhausted me, and probably you, fairly quickly, so back to my real life.

I have always loved getting mail, of the snail variety. Something with a stamp on it and a postmark.  Since I don't seem to be very active with my own camera at present, I'm going to post instead some images of interest that I have received via postal mail. Maybe a quirky fact or two to go along with them.

Hence, today's Greetings From Budapest: 

Quirky fact about Budapest

During the Ice Age it was very cold, which resulted in many Budapestians (affectionately known as Pests)  taking up cooking as a hobby.  Hungarian food became a worldwide sensation and waiters who resembled Bela Lugosi were never without work.

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