Monday, February 08, 2010

A colorful post

Help, my inner child (I.C.) is running wild!  Last night, out of the blue, she began COLORING.  Yes, COLORING, but at least not with crayons - that would have been TOO much.  She is using adult tools, although really…….COLORING?? 

OK, I guess I can’t blame it all on I.C.  I’m helping too.  In my defense, this is said to be very meditative and good for reducing stress, although as a retired person I have little stress in my life, or at least I didn’t until I started worrying about why I was coloring.

I was in a bookstore a while back, probably Borders, and I asked an employee if they had any adult coloring books.  Well, you should have seen the look I got!  I really don’t know WHAT it was she thought I wanted to color, but she was having none of it.

To avoid further embarrassment, I ordered several coloring books from Amazon. I don’t know about you, but it’s physically impossible for me to order just one book from Amazon.  My current work of art is from the “Mystical Mandala Coloring Book”.  Doesn’t that just send little tingles of electricity up your chakras?

I picked this as my first design:


No, it doesn't look relaxing, does it?

I got out my ADULT coloring tools - a set of dual-tip markers:

and began to let the creative juices flow.  Keep in mind that I am definitely NOT an artistic person.  Maybe occasionally a little crafty, but not artistic.  Well, before I knew it, one color led to another, to another, to another (oh no, that wasn't such a good choice) until something semi-pleasant began to appear and yes, I was transported to a higher plane.  Most importantly though....this proves that I really can stay within the lines when I want to.

This is not finished yet, but I tell you what - I am just itching to get back to it.

This is what can happen in Oregon in February. One must find indoor ways of amusing oneself.  

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