Sunday, October 15, 2006

Night 2: Forrest City AR

This was a day of crossing rivers. Above is a shot of the Tennessee River. Dusty took a few pictures of the Mississippi as we crossed it, but it's hard to get a decent shot from inside a car going across that bridge. As you can see, it was kind of a gray day. We didn't run into any rain today but it sounds like we may have a rainy day going into Oklahoma tomorrow. We considered changing our route a bit to avoid the rain, but we'd have to go through Calgary.

We find ourselves driving about 350 miles a day, stopping fairly early in the evening, and not doing a lot of sightseeing so far. I think we are pretty much focused on just getting to California and starting our new lives as glamorous California babes. Plus, after more than two months of living in hotels & motels, it's going to be great to get settled in the Ventura house.

Malcolm did a lot of sleeping in the car today, after serenading us for a while this morning. He's decided that sleeping in the passenger side footwell is kind of cool, especially if we cover him up with a little blanket and he can pretend that he's not there.

Because he's not allowed to go there, he really wants to get into the driver's side footwell and he keeps trying new strategies to fool us. So far he has failed, but it gives him something to strive for which is important for a traveling puddy-tat.

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