Monday, October 16, 2006

Night 3: Shawnee OK

I've been leaving the blogging to Kate, so far, but decided it was my turn tonight. Sorry gang, no pictures from Arkansas rained all day. We so much wanted to stop at Toad Suck Park, too! (Makes you wonder, doesn't it?!)

We're stopped for the night at Shawnee, OK. I love to stay in towns that songs were written about.............. Shawnee, how I love ya, how I love ya. (Oh, Kate tells me that was Suwanee, as in GA.)

Anyway, I'll be adding my two cents here and there from now on. I think maybe the first two days I was looking back; at the family and friends I've left behind. I'm at a place now, where I can miss you all and still look forward to the adventures ahead.

Looking out the hotel window I can see the sun trying to peek through. Tomorrow we should be able to get back to taking pics. I'm sorry we couldn't get any in Arkansas. There are some really beautiful areas in Arkansas...............we weren't anywhere near them, but there are some!

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