Thursday, October 12, 2006


A few of you have asked what route we will be taking between Charlotte NC and Ventura CA and how long the drive will take.

We had considered plotting a course that would take us through some states we have not yet visited: Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. However we ended up deciding to take the most direct route, Interstate 40. We suspect that traveling with Malcolm may make us a bit anxious to reach our destination. And he doesn't seem to care if he ever sees Mississippi.

I-40 will take us from North Carolina through Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, New Mexico, Arizona, and finally, California. Since Dusty has never seen the Grand Canyon, that is one detour we will definitely make, weather permitting. Other sidetrips may be made, depending on our mental health.

With no schedule to meet, we will probably drive no more than 6 or 7 hours a day, which will make this trip 7 to 8 days long. It's all somewhat vague. The phrase "free at last" comes to mind.

By the way, we were originally going to get tranquilizers for Malcolm, but after talking it over with his vet we opted for a chem-free trip. There will be much yodeling, I'm sure, and we will be singing right along with Malcolm. No bass-heavy rap music coming out of OUR vehicle! White and Nerdy, not Drivin' Dirty!

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