Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hotel Living

We sold our house in Matthews NC fairly quickly and had to be out of it by August 31st. Since Dusty agreed to continue working for Wachovia until mid-October, we found ourselves in need of temporary housing prior to the California move. After looking around a bit for a furnished place that would allow a cat and that had kitchen facilities (Malcolm likes to cook), we settled on an ExtendedStay hotel in Pineville.

This is an interesting place to stay. Almost every day there is a hotel "Special". Today's Special is no water between 11 am and 3 pm, and it's free.

Yesterday's Special was no phone service, also free.

Malcolm's favorite Special is the random Fire Alarm Test, which gives him the opportunity to swell up to twice his size and burn rubber until he gets under the bed.

One somewhat disconcerting Special is the almost constant supply of hot water - in the toilet. I'm sure this must be important in some cultures.

Well, only three more nights in this hotel. I will miss the Specials.

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