Monday, May 07, 2007

X Minus 4 Days

Yes, we're hitting the road again, on Saturday, May 12th. I wasn't sure after the North Carolina to California to Oregon to California to Oregon trip if we were ever going to feel like traveling again, but of course we do. This trip will be strictly for fun.

Malcolm is staying at home this time and my mother will be taking good care of him. This will make traveling a lot easier for us, but don't tell Malcolm I said that. We'll miss him like crazy, and he will probably ignore us completely when we get back home. (How DARE you leave me for a month!!)

Surprisingly, Malcolm has become friends with my mother's Jack Russell terrier, Tippie, and they chase each other around the house. Here's the Tipster:

Malcolm has a squeaky mouse that fascinates Tippie, so there's an ongoing game of Tippie trying to get the mouse and Malcolm chasing her off. Personally, I think it's better than television.

So where are we off to this time? To begin with, a day or two at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Neither of us have been there before.

Looks purty, huh? This time of year in the Rockies it can be nice and warm one day, and snowing the next, so we're taking clothes for all types of weather.

By the way, the spell-checker in my email program keeps suggesting that I change the word "Teton" to "Tetanus". Wouldn't that be a great trip, to the Grand Tetanus? Followed of course by visits to Gangrene Canyon and Lake Ptomaine. Ptotally.

After Wyoming we'll be spending four days in this cabin in Estes Park, Colorado, right on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park.

I've stayed here before, many years ago, and it's just beautiful. Lots of wildlife around, many hiking trails, and gorgeous scenery. My camera is really going to get a workout. So will we, on those hiking trails.

An old friend of mine (sorry, Cindy, but you ARE getting up there) will be meeting us in Estes Park for a few days and it will be great to see her again after about eighteen years. Lots to catch up on.

After Estes Park, we're going to wander around other parts of Colorado for a couple of days and then head over to Utah. We'll plop ourselves in a motel room within driving distance of many of the scenic areas in S.E. Utah and stay there for four or five days, taking day trips in various directions.

Next will be Las Vegas and a few days visiting with Dusty's sister April. Then.... who knows. If we're pooped, we'll head home, if not we'll do some sightseeing in California along the way.

The laptop is going with us although we may not always have internet access. I'll keep up with this blog whenever possible. I hope we have lots of good pictures and some interesting stories to tell you.

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