Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rocky Mountain National Park

Today was off-and-on thunderstorms, but we still got out and saw a lot of beautiful scenery and quite a few critters.

We have a new buddy out front of the cabin. He sits on this stump and waits for us to throw him a peanut, then he runs over to pick up the peanut and runs back to his stump to eat it.

You don't have to drive very far into Rocky Mountain National Park to see lots of elk.

More beautiful mountain scenery.
Bear Lake. There's still quite a bit of snow around it, some of which I managed to sink into up to my knees.

Bear Lake

Cindy, Dusty and I took a walk around Sprague Lake and found some more friendly chipmunks. This little guy looks like he's saying "Oh please, please, feed me!"

Dusty likes it here. Can you tell?

Some muledeer resting in the trees.

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