Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hines, Oregon

Above is a view of the Cascades from the highway between Sisters and Bend, Oregon. I thought this view would be a good subject for trying out the "photomerge" feature in Photoshop, so I took seven pictures and merged them into one. Other than the phantom triangle just left of center, it worked pretty good. The picture looks better when it isn't so small, but Blogger would need the Heimlich maneuver if I tried to feed it the big size.

We made it to Hines today, which is just west of Burns. I know, you've never heard of either one of them, right? We're in high desert country here, lots of land and very few people. Tomorrow it's on to Idaho and possibly into Wyoming.

We saw some good road and business signs today. A "Congestion" sign in the middle of a town with a population of 20. We figured one of them must have a cold. The one and only restaurant in another small town with a sign out front: "The Best Food In Town". No doubt. Another town, another restaurant with the sign: "The Swiss Chalet - Try our Oriental specialties!". Those darn Swiss. A bowling alley called "Lava Lanes" brought to mind Fred and Barney with their square bowling balls.

Well, we're off for a hot Saturday night in Hines. Just kidding - I don't think they have Saturday here.

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