Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Estes Park, Colorado

We were welcomed by this friendly little bear when we arrived at our rental cabin in Estes Park this afternoon. What a beautiful place! And, to my surprise, there is wireless Internet access in the cabin, so I'll be able to keep blogging daily. I'm sure this is quite a relief to everyone. (And you thought you weren't going to have to read this for a few days - ha!)

Our home in the woods for the next four nights.

There is over 600 feet of the Fall River on the property, and part of it is only about 50 feet from our cabin. It's a great place for fishing, we're told, but neither of us fish. I love the sound of the running water and just sitting by the river and relaxing. Dusty agrees, but says the sound of running water makes her want to, well, you know......

More of the Fall River.

Dusty relaxing by the river.

Some interesting rock formations nearby.

I looked out the window as I was writing this blog and saw these wild turkeys. It's also very common for foxes, mule deer and elk to wander around here. We saw several elk grazing in front yards as we drove through Estes Park earlier today. Dusty isn't too impressed with the wild turkeys, but thinks the elk are great.

Tomorrow afternoon my friend Cindy arrives. (I got in trouble earlier when I referred to her as "my OLD friend Cindy".) We'll all start exploring Rocky Mountain National Park then and try to cram as much into the next three days as possible. I wish we had a month here! It's great to be back in Colorado again after all these years.

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