Friday, May 04, 2007

Fan mail

Hey! I'm really steamed! You guys start up this blog that I was really digging, then you just clam up for months on end. So ok, you just stay in your shell and see if I care!

Chowderhead in Pismo Beach

Please, we beg of you! We are dying to hear how Malcolm is doing in his new home! What adventures has he had since we last read of him? He is such a roll model for all of us, and a role model, too. He is an inspiration to all the felines in the world with dreams of someday traveling the world.

As the President of his International Fan Club, I hope I can prevail upon you to give us word of his well-being, and to relay to him how much we have missed hearing about him. If he is not too busy, we would also appreciate another bunch of autopawed photographs. The demand for them is astounding.

Mrs. Bianca Tabby
46 Litter Lane
Felinedelphia, PA

So where the heck have Kate, Dusty and Malcolm the Hairy been lo these many months? It seems at least one of them could have taken the time to write a few lines, but noooooo, their faithful readers (of which I was once one of) were just forgotten, like dust in the wind. Isn't there enough thoughtlessness, stress and disappointment in the world already without this kind of willful abandonment of responsibility to friends, family, and complete strangers? Can no one be depended on these days?

I, for one, am extremely disappointed in the management of this blog and will not read any further postings until such time as they are written.

Bereft in Beaverton

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