Friday, May 18, 2007

Rocky Mountain National Park, Day 2

Some pictures from our second day of exploring Rocky Mountain National Park. As the bumper stickers around here say: "Another ho-hum day in Paradise"! We had beautiful weather until about 4 pm, when a thunderstorm sent us back to the cabin.

We hiked about half a mile on this trail, then turned around and came back because we didn't know which trail we were on or where it was going. The funny thing was that no one we passed knew where they were either. We decided to name it the Heckawee Trail, as in "Where the Heckawee?".

Views from the Heckawee Trail.

Dusty and Cindy on our second hike today. This time we knew where we were: Fern Trail. By this time, with the weekend approaching, we started seeing quite a few more people.

Elk everywhere, as usual. This evening we're going to a place where we should be able to see some bighorn sheep. And I'm still looking for my first moose.

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