Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rawlins, Wyoming

We had a very nice drive today from Jackson Hole to Rawlins, Wyoming. We sure can't complain about the weather the last couple of days - it has been perfect.

A street in Jackson Hole. See the little arch on the left side? It is made from elk antlers.

After leaving Jackson, the view in the rear view mirror was spectacular.

Dusty got to feeling really Western while in Jackson and bought this great hat. Now she thinks she's pretty cool.

Some more pictures taken on the first part of our drive today.

As we got further south in Wyoming, we started seeing lots of interesting geological formations.

We got up a little high on this leg of the trip, almost 10,000 feet. This picture was taken at the Continental Divide. I wanted to get out, build a snowman, and put Dusty's hat on it, but she was adamant - the hat was staying with her. She can be such an old poop.

We had some wildlife sightings today. Wild buffalo (or bison - I don't know the difference), lots of antelope (but no cantaloupe), and even a fairly close-up look at an eagle in flight. I think we saw more wildlife than people.

Tomorrow we will arrive at our rental cabin in Estes Park, Colorado, and we'll stay put there for four days. We are both a little road-weary this evening, so having several days coming up with no long drives sounds pretty good. As far as I know, the cabin does not have Internet access. But I'm going to try to find a Wi-Fi hotspot nearby so that I can continue to post our daily reports.

This is from the receipt for our motel room tonight. The spellings, capitalizations and other weirdnesses are exactly as it was written:

Motel are NOT responisible any thing left behind in room and LOST FOUND IN SIDE or OUT SIDE.

It kinda worries me that they are not responisible.

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