Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mea maxima culpa

Kate here, head hung low with shame for my poor blogging habits. OK, that's uncomfortable, so enough with the apologies. On with the fun!

First of all, a message from Malcolm. He wants all his fans to know that he is being held hostage in this house and is suffering greatly from the ill treatment he is receiving from his moms. He cannot go mouse hunting, he cannot go mole hunting, and he only gets fed 7 or 8 times a day. It's a rough life and he is hoping for lots of sympathy.

He does, however, have his own special spot on the dining table (ewww, cat germs!) where he can lie in the sun and watch the world go by.

Dusty does not get to lie on the dining room table, but she's doing well otherwise.

We are just beginning to explore some of the scenic wonders of Oregon, now that the weather is warming up. Recently we went hiking at Silver Falls State Park, which is just 20-some miles from where we live. This park has 10 waterfalls but in order to see them all you have to hike something like 8 or 9 miles. Being the weenies that we are, we decided to start with just a 2 mile hike and therefore got to see only 2 of the waterfalls.

See the little path behind the falls? You can walk behind it and, if you've brought personal hygiene supplies, shower, shampoo, and brush your teeth.

This place is the epitome of the Pacific Northwest: very green and very wet. Dusty is becoming quite fond of it though and doesn't miss the Carolina heat and humidity at all.

What a happy little face. You'd never know how much she misses her job at the bank.

Must run for now. Please return often for updates. Big news coming up..... another ROAD TRIP!!

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