Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy mailbox

Many interesting cards have been coming my way lately. For example, how often has something like this shown up in your mail box?


This next card brought back many memories because I grew up near Santa Barbara. Sometimes I miss those brown, brown hills of home.

Oh, sorry. I dozed off for a moment.

Old Berlin, 1935. 

Ah, the good old days....when there was a Ford in your future. And a man with shiny boots.

In order to pay for that Ford, you could always play your violin on the street. I played violin briefly when I was a kid. Never very well. My grade-school orchestra teacher was tone-deaf, which was fortunate for me.

If it's a nice day where you are, you should spend some quality time outside with your pet.

Or you could have a nice picnic by the water. Perhaps ON the water, as these folks are doing.

Enjoy your day, whatever you do!

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