Monday, June 20, 2011

June grab bag

This is going to be one of those shut-my-eyes-and-pick-a-postcard days. Today's theme is "We Are All One", even if none of these pictures seem to have any connection to the next. You just have to trust me.

Here is a map card from Hong Kong, the only one I've ever received from there if memory serves. Yes, that does appear to be Mickey Mouse at the top of the island. It isn't often that you get to see Mickey and Buddha in the same picture, although when you think about it they would probably be great buddies.

An old, old photo of a Native American child, dressed to the nines and not too sure what's going on.

A pleasant waterfall scene from West Java, Indonesia. Maribaya waterfall is quite a tourist attraction and the area is also known for its relaxing hot springs. Ahhh, that sounds so nice.

Pombal, Portugal, on a day when everyone seems to have left town.

Here is another of my iris folding creations, a kimono made partially from origami paper and partially from strips cut out of a Trader Joe's advertisement. See, I told you - we all are one.

At first I thought this was a photograph, then I realized the man isn't quite all together. Turns out this is a sculpture by Herbert Bayer titled "Self Portrait In Mirror". Maybe not quite ALL of us are one.

I know!! After that last picture we all need a splash in the pool and a good laugh. 

Today's tip for healthy living: do not text while driving.

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