Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Spanky's dog

Want to look over Spanky's shoulder at some more of my postcards?

How many of you have seen any of the old "Our Gang" (also known as "Little Rascals") shows? The dog character - played by several different dogs over the years - was named Petey.  What a pal he was.

I love night-time photographs. Here's one of Longhua (literally "Lustre of the Dragon") Temple in Shanghai, China. 

This is famous Ukrainian theatre director Roman Viktuk. He was casting for his latest production, "Once a Pigeon....".  Come, my pretties.

From Hungarian artist Maria de Posz comes this delightful painting. My translation skills are not too good, but I believe the title of this painting is "Herb the Cat Takes An Evening Stroll". If the perspective in this painting is accurate, that is one big honker of a pheasant in the distance - like about three times bigger than Herb.

Speaking of being attacked, there are any number of little critters in British Columbia to beware of. ...of which to beware....oh, whatever. But wonderful scenery, if you dare.

A beautiful aerial view of Stockholm. Possibly taken by one of the birds that escaped from Roman Viktuk.

This woman is just spilling her champagne all over the place. There is such a thing as being TOO happy.

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