Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wag more, bark less

I see this bumper sticker once in a while, "Wag more, bark less", and it always makes me smile. Saw it again today and thought I'd pass it along as a bit of good advice, and not only for dogs. Another bit of good advice: get more exercise.

And don't cross the street except in a crosswalk. There may not be a friendly crossing guard around to save your bacon.

Besides tanks, there are also a lot of buses on the roads these days. I don't want to sound paranoid, but it really isn't safe to leave home. Unless you yourself are a tank-owner.


Sometimes a large bus is used to transport baby buses to school, where they are shown old 8mm films that put the fear of tanks in them.

Sorry if I've frightened you. But if I have saved you from being run over you will tank me. On to more cheerful subjects now.

Remember all those great black and white photos that Ansel Adams created? Did you realize that he also worked in color on occasion? Below is an example of his color work.

And who should wander out of these woods but a family of carved cows. Too bad Ansel didn't catch them on film. Oh well, another addition to my carved cow postcard collection. Well, actually it's the first one. Of many, I'm sure.

This ewe is wondering why its owner didn't just snap a photo instead of taking him to the photography studio.

Now a little lively Mexican mariachi music and some spirited dancing to ease you back into the real world.

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