Monday, June 06, 2011

Yard decorating tip, etc.

I've gotten a little sidetracked the last few days working on my family tree. Although it has yet to be verified, it appears that I am a distant descendant of King Duncan the I of Scotland, fondly known as "Duncan the Diseased". I can't tell you how happy this makes me, although it's hard to brag about a diseased ancestor.

I've been getting my usual mixture of ridiculous and sublime postcards in the mail lately. I don't know which I enjoy more. Let's start with a beautiful city, Minsk, Belarus. This card shows the main post office and (if you read the sign under the stork) "Independent Square". I only know that because the sender told me. I definitely can't read the sign.

Now a card from Florence, Italy where, as we all know, the men love beautiful women. I'm not sure if this particular woman is being stared at because of her beauty or because the men can smell the delicious spaghetti in her bag. She is obviously reluctant to share it.

From Malaysia, a scene of a typical Kampung (village) day. The people are deciding which bird to put in today's soup, and the birds are really not deciding anything because, well, they're birds.

Next, a Carnaval parade in Brazil. I haven't been able yet to determine who the white-shirted man is, but his hair is perfect, isn't it? Nice mustache, too.

Here is a card showing an art museum in Valenciennes, France. In 1008 (remember?) the plague was threatening the area and local legend has it that the Virgin Mary put a protective ring around the city which has miraculously protected the city from the disease ever since. So if you begin coughing violently and sweating profusely while visiting this museum, don't worry, it's just pneumonia.

This is the town hall in Wroclaw, Poland. It looks like something you would make out of gingerbread, doesn't it? Since it dates from about 1290, let's hope it isn't gingerbread.

If you are thinking of replacing the pink flamingos in your yard, consider deer. If you get tired of looking at their butts you could always turn them around.

Now go find yourself a quiet, peaceful place to meditate. Just don't walk too far in the wrong direction.

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