Monday, May 30, 2011


Today, remember those you've lost. Today, tomorrow and always, remember to love those who are still in your life. 

How is your Memorial Day weekend going? I hope you are enjoying your hot dogs, BBQ, potato salad, beer and (if you live somewhere other than Oregon) the beautiful sunshine. Oh wait! I just saw a patch of blue sky!! That was fun. Maybe there will be another one later. Like in July.

Perfect timing - here it is Memorial Day and just last Saturday I received my first mortuary postcard in a "What the ???" postcard swap on Swap-bot. The sender had a couple of good suggestions for what to write on this card. 

1. Wish you were here
2. Guess who died

Mottell's Mortuary, Long Beach, California

OK, time to hop on the train and go sightseeing! Let's hit a few art museums today.

I really want one of those mushroom hats.

Next is a 1990 work by Dutch painter Abraham "Ab" van Hanegem. Odd, yes, I know. Lemon modeling isn't much in demand these days, so these little guys will take anything they can get. One of them even agreed to pose partially nude.

Now Pablo Picasso's 1913 painting "Guitar and Violin". He seem to have ended up with a Viotar, or maybe a Guilin.'s probably hard to find a good teacher.
And "The Breakfast Room" c. 1930-31 by Pierre Bonnard. After waiting around for hours while Pierre finished his painting, his family was finally overcome with hunger and headed for the Pancake House.

This is the Happy Pancake Dance!

Time to load up the car and go home. Don't forget your balloons!

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