Saturday, May 07, 2011

Happy As A Clam

We've just made plans for a day of clam digging at the Oregon coast, so I'm in sort of a oceany mood. I feel fortunate to live close to the Pacific so that I can frequently get my ocean fix. Out here we call it "the beach" or "the coast", while back in the Carolinas everyone went to "the shore". And Colorado....what's with that? I mean the mountains are gorgeous and all, and the snow is fun, but where the heck is the ocean?  Poor planning, I'd say.

Having never been clam digging before, I did some research on what equipment is needed.  It turns out that all that's needed is a "spotter" with an umbrella, and a dress that isn't too long.

The spotter keeps an eye on the sand up ahead and when he sees bubbles he reaches down, grabs the clam, and sticks it in his pocket.  Strong suspenders are recommended for big hauls. As you can see, the woman on the left has been left alone while her spotter is away emptying his pants. What a feast they will have this evening!

Here are some other scenic spots near the water.

A friend in Bali says the sunset is amazing from this viewpoint. I bet she's right. A couple of points of interest: Bali is home to about 92% of Indonesia's Hindu minority. Since Bali is only 8 degrees south of the equator, the Winter Olympics is pretty much out of reach. But you can snorkel.

A peaceful sundown scene from Thailand with a scary dragon stamp. The dragon seems to have eaten all the sailors. This is the plot of a famous 1950s black & white Thai horror film called "Hungry Dragon, Missing Sailors".

No dragons here in Sardegna, just beautiful white beaches, deep turquoise water, and some very good snorkeling. But come to think of it, there aren't any people. Maybe there IS a dragon?

Here's a beautiful scene from the Toroko Gorge in eastern Taiwan. In May of 2004 this area experienced a strong earthquake that resulted in a weakening of the canyon walls. It is not advised to hike here after heavy rainfall, or any other time that you don't want to die.

Lastly today, a replica of a 1930 Helsinki travel poster. Good way to Finnish, huh?

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Anna said...

Pretty pics. Makes me want to travel. I have never been clam digging. Have fun! Anna (mynursecoach) fellow swapper