Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random image day

When I listen to music I usually hit "Shuffle" because I like not knowing what is going to play next. Mozart? Meat Loaf? Mariachi? Madonna? Today I'm doing a virtual shuffle of my post cards so I don't know where we're going. Better bring shorts and a parka. Maybe a snort and some vodka too.

Death of a Salesman (1951 film)

Want to read a Pulitzer Prize-winning play written by Arthur Miller in 1949? Want to be depressed? Here we see Fredric March as Willie Loman in the 1951 film version of "Death of A Salesman". This is mostly about a man in his mid-60s who suddenly realizes that he isn't, and never was, as good as he thought.

There is no evidence that Arthur Miller experienced any of these feelings of inadequacy, but if he did, marrying Marilyn Monroe probably helped a lot.

Next stop, North Carolina.

These Outer Banks lighthouses would have been much more helpful to sailors had they been built further apart, but the Lighthouse Keepers Union insisted they be within walking distance. Lighthouse keepers simply could not function without their nightly pinochle get-together.

Tomorrow, May 23rd, a new 2-week archeological field expedition will be underway off the coast of North Carolina. The object? To "help raise awareness of North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources’ goal to remove the remains of Blackbeard’s historic shipwreck to the safety of the laboratory and ultimately to public display.", according to the Queen Anne's Revenge web site.

I love these little Moomins, by Swedish-Finn writer and illustrator Tove Jansson. Trolls are not usually this cute.

A baseball triple play.

This, to me, is a very peaceful, calming scene. I do wonder though about the person in the picture. Maybe he/she is a criminal hiding out. Maybe he/she killed the photographer immediately after this picture was taken because he/she didn't want to be recognized. You just never know.

This is the brain of a person who spends more than 4 hours a day either watching TV or surfing the Internet. This person still knows which end is up, but is dangerously close to not having a clue.

So grab a rake and go rearrange the rocks in your garden. Or bake bread. I'm going to go knit now. I try to get at least one dish cloth finished each year.

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