Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wild goose loses chase

How do you like our new motor home?  This type is not recommended unless you have a LOT of friends who are not at all busy.  Otherwise, the kind with wheels would be a better choice.  If you do decide on the wheel-less variety, make sure all your carriers have been given the same map to follow or you might end up in Xanten when you really planned on having dinner in Kleve.
This is one of the few cards I have ever gotten from Tasmania. Don't scoff - I'll bet you don't have more than five or six. (I hate it when you scoff.)
Now honestly, would you peel an orange and then play your guitar? This is probably how flamenco music began. Some sticky-fingered guitarist pounding on the strings trying to get his fingers loose. With family and friends stomping all around giving encouragement.
The Flemish city of Kortrijk, Belgium. Pretend you're racing a little motor craft and you have to decide which arch to go through, then your used-to-be best friend on the right forces you into the cement and you crash and burn. Medieval Super Mario River-Kart Racing by Nintendo.
Medieval Super Mario River-Kart Racing, the funeral.  Actually, this is the Chapel of St. Mary the Virgin in Nottinghamshire, England, built in 1186-1189.
Native American Bandstand.  When the Twist craze died down, it was replaced by the Kiowa Stomp. The Mashed Potato and Corn was also very popular. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
So here we have a dead goose on a woman's lap, having all of its poor feathers plucked out, while the goose's friends calmly continue their afternoon walk. Talk about not being appreciated.

If the woman on the left had put her shoes on backwards, she would look like the Zombie Bucket Woman.

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