Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Couples, odd and otherwise

From the 19th century version of Dancing With The Stars, we have Gustav and Rosamunde waltzing themselves into giddy abandon, probably somewhere in Bavaria.  Gustav has already lost his hat.  No telling what will happen next.

Next, Frontier Days in India. The horse on the left is Turmeric and on the right is Trigger.

Next we have two strange little girls, obviously budding politicians. Notice they are already standing on boxes. I think the girl on the left is actually holding an unlit firecracker, which doesn't bode well for the continuation of this card series.

Ah, the wonder of Facebook!  After a separation of decades, these Crows have found each other and are amazed to discover that they can still party down. Sort of.

This painting by Helen Schjerfbeck is titled Children Berry Picking but I have my doubts. Helen obviously decided the spelling of her last name by tossing Scrabble tiles in the air, so how can we trust her to know what these children are doing?  I think one is keeping a lookout while the other buries something they shouldn't have killed.

On that gruesome note, I bid you good evening.

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