Monday, September 27, 2010

Busy day at the mail box

If you didn't get a lot of mail today, don't feel bad.  I got a whole pile of it and I'm going to share it with you.

This first card is called "Christmas in Vilnius" (Lithuania). Since today was a sunny 84F day here in Salem, Oregon, Christmas still seems quite far away. It's sneaky though, and it will be here sooner than you expect. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Here's a quiet mountain scene from China, followed by the wonderful stamps that were used to post this card.

From Naples, Italy I received this beautiful Danish art card. That actually does make sense. The sender is half Italian and half Danish.

Clyde wants this next card for his bird cage, but he let me borrow it for the blog.  If one didn't know better, one would think these birds are extremely talented at building bird houses, but I believe the structures were built by indigenous people.  It's a lot more fun to think about the birds building them though.

Isn't this interesting?  It's aboriginal art from Australia. This is an aerial representation of the Mission where the artist was raised.  It depicts the homes, roads, tracks and gardens of the mission. Isn't it great that we can see the world through the eyes of other people now and then?

Here's another addition to my map card collection, this one from France.  The sender has an unusual combination of occupations: she is a primary school teacher and a firewoman. I wonder if she hoses down her class if they get too rowdy.  I can just see soggy little Pierre squishing into his house after school.  "Mama, teacher did it AGAIN." 

Here's another map card that I really like, probably because of all my Irish ancestry.

Finally today, here's a very old photo of the Singapore River, taken around 1900.  The card says that merchants sought to erect their shops on the south side of the river because it resembled the concave belly of a carp - which, according to Chinese belief, was where prosperity lay.  Next time you buy commercial property, tell your real estate broker that you are only interested in property shaped like a carp's belly.

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