Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Ready for some football?

Any pro football fans out there?  I'm excited about the season starting this Thursday evening, as if I needed one more excuse to sit in my recliner and be useless. Sometimes I knit while watching sports, which makes me feel a little more productive. And I also mute the commercials and read a paragraph or two from my current book until the commercials are over. By the end of a game, I have read 8 pages of my book (having gotten all the characters confused) and completely messed up a knitting pattern.  But dadgummit, that football game got itself watched, didn't it?   

I'm closing my eyes now and reaching into ye olde postcard box.  And the winner is.....


Glimmer in the Temple from Shanghai, China. Longhua temple is the largest and busiest Buddhist temple in Shanghai.  The pagoda dates from 977 and is not open to the public due to its fragility. If you were that old, you'd keep to yourself too.

Welcome to Finland, and watch out for those reindeer on the road.  And if you can fly, why walk on the road anyway, is what I want to know.

Kadriog Palace in Tallinn, Estonia was built by Tsar Peter the First in the 18th Century for his empress, Catherine.  "Kadriog". translated from Estonian, means "Catherine's Valley". Pete had first decided on a mobile home, but Cathy would have none of that.

Pangkor Island Beach Resort, Pangkor Island, Malaysia.  Unfortunately for the local residents, tourism has fallen off sharply since the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Nothing to joke about here.

I see the cows are coming home, so it must be time for me to stop writing.

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