Friday, April 27, 2012

Here kitty kitty

Be careful when you call your cats for dinner. There's no telling who might show up.


Some guests are just too sleepy to get up at all.

And there's always the identity theft problem.

I am TOO a pussy cat!!

I was thinking as I glided through the house this morning, singing and generally being beautiful,

should I show my new armadillo tattoo to Stephanie or not? She will be so jealous. What fun!

Here is a painting by Abbott Henderson Thayer (American, 1849-1921) called "My Children (Mary, Gerald and Gladys Thayer), c. 1897. Just offhand I'd say that Mary, Gerald and Gladys were not a bit happy about posing for this picture. Daddy could apparently see the black fumes rising off of Mary and decided to include them in the painting.

I think there's a dysfunctional family reality show in here somewhere, unless spontaneous combustion occurs first.

Excuse me, but I have to go put a sign in my yard. There have been too many possums walking across it recently. Presumptuous little creatures.

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