Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Bobby

Hi, folks! Let's wander about a bit.

This card from Oulu, Finland cracks me up. See the statue on the left? It is the city mascot known as "The Bobby", located in the Market Place. I'll bet the man standing to the side of the statue never thought he'd end up on a postcard. Too bad the man didn't have a hat on - it would have been perfect. 

We have a small group of gray wolves that migrated here from Idaho and have taken up residence in Eastern Oregon. They are such beautiful animals, but not popular with local sheep and cattle ranchers who would like to see them killed. Even with all the wide open spaces we have in Oregon, there doesn't seem to be room for everyone to live together. Sad, I think.

On a happier note, have you ever seen a straw teddy bear in a field? Have you ever fixed your hair like this?

If spring ever arrives this year, we will have huge fields of colorful tulips here in the Willamette Valley. Right now we have huge fields of mud. Well, that makes it sound like it's really been raining a lot here. Let's just say our soil is a bit damp. We are all pretty sure that the sun will come out one of these days.

I received this card from an 11 year old girl in Belgium. Remember being that young and innocent?  I see that the author of this "Learning To Read" book is "M. E. Gagg". What makes this even worse is that her first name was Margaret, so she was "Maggie Gagg". Poor thing.

Oh, those tulips I mentioned earlier? They aren't grown by people; we have cows to take care of them. Teaching them to drive the tractors was the hardest part.

I will finish for today with this card from Minsk, Belarus showing one of their cathedrals. Let's all pray for sunshine.

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