Friday, March 30, 2012

Fooled you!!

You probably thought I was gone for good, didn't you? This is my April Fool's joke a couple of days early. What's funny is that I have bunches of great post card images that have been piling up, but I haven't been BLOGGING them! Ha ha. All of us procrastinators prefer to think of ourselves as amusing rather than just lazy.

So.......lots of catching up to do, and what better way to start than with a very happy cat? This card came from Ulyanorsk, Russia, on the Volga River.

Did you know that Taiwan used to be known as Formosa? "Illa Formosa" means "beautiful island" in Portuguese.

And from China, here is proof that even if you ignore good dental hygiene all your life, you will still find things to laugh about. Of course, what's in this guy's pipe may have something to do with his great joy. If I were to lose my tweezers for a few weeks, my chin would look just like this.

A beautiful art deco card from Russia.

From Germany, this card shows a 1974 photo of a girl on a walking tour of Paris. Oh, my feet hurt just looking at those shoes. Besides, even 3" taller, I'd still be a short person.

Well, I'm not nearly as stressed out now that I've caught up a little bit on my blog. This picture will serve to remind me of how I'll feel if I do not keep current. Fear is a good thing.
If anyone is still reading this blog, thank you.

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