Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More mailbox goodies

I'm going to do a bit more catching up today with some of the interesting postcards I've found in my mailbox recently.

First, a vintage 1969 card from the island of Kizhi, Russia, sent by Sergey, who says not a single nail was used in the construction of any of the buildings, just interlocking logs.

It's time for one of those colorful WAKE UP cards! This is a picture from an older Slovenian cartoon. Such happy, happy bugs! Thanks, Anja!

Here is a painting by Julio Romero de Torres called "La Chiquita Piconera". I googled to get a translation of "Piconera" and found this definition: "Maker of small charcoal for braziers". I'm not sure if that is actually what's going on here. The girl looks like she'd rather be doing something other than piconera-ing.

From Great Britain I received this reproduction of an old reading education poster. On the back of the card is printed "I'm part of the Ladybird generation!". Apparently many English children grew up reading Ladybird books. As for me, I'm part of the "See Spot Run" generation.

Some scenes from Sevastopol, Ukraine (previously known as Sebastopol). The devastation of the Ukrainian "b" orchards during the 1922 happy, happy bug infestation resulted in many spelling modifications. Prebiously, plenty of 'b's were abailable but are no longer avundant.

Here are a couple of beautiful pineapples for you.

See ya soon!

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