Saturday, July 02, 2011

Oregon summer, finally

Happy 4th of July weekend to everyone! The weather is darn near perfect here in Oregon now. I'm going to post a few images and then head outside for some vitamin D.

A beautiful Japanese dress made in the 18th century.

Paul Cezanne set a rather messy table for breakfast, didn't he? Oh wait, we're eating on the couch this morning, how quaint. Which reminds me, the nectarines are just wonderful now - try some.

A painting of Bielsko-Biata, a city in the south of Poland. Great tree.

And speaking of Great, here are some scenes from the British east coast resort of Great Yarmouth. The postcard states that Great Yarmouth is "the gateway to the Norfolk Broads". Those ladies seem to have made quite a name for themselves, whoever they are.

Rubber tapping in Malaysia.

The cats and I are going to play in the grass now.  See you soon.

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