Monday, July 18, 2011

Marilyn Monroe & other beauties

My mirror isn't nearly as kind as Marilyn's. But then I'm happy and Marilyn was not, so that makes me the lucky one.

A friendly reminder that it's only 159 days until Christmas.

There's a lot going on in this old mustard advertisement. At first glance, it seems the two children (Penny and Reginald) are eating hot dogs. The word "mustard" plus the dog makes this a logical assumption. Nope. Reginald is playing a harmonica while sitting on the world's largest tin of dried mustard, while Penny accompanies him with a waxed paper-covered comb. Barf the dog is howling because his ears hurt. Surprisingly, Barf is quite melodic. The cat in the doorway (Erroll) has decided that neither the kids nor the dog has a lick of sense and he is leaving home for good.

Erroll's reaction one year later when asked if he ever misses his old home.

Back to the theme of beauty, here are some Huron moccasins from Quebec, made around 1847-1853.

I suppose this Honeywell H316 minicomputer was considered beautiful in its day, but it sure does look like a monstrosity now. It was intended as a "kitchen computer", which is why a cutting board was added onto the keyboard.

Isn't this strange? Both mother and daughter have one arm that's longer than the other, and quite stiff. In sympathy, the cat has taken to sitting the same way. One wonders what Dad looks like.

See you soon!

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