Monday, August 30, 2010

Dinner party

I've been a little busy lately planning my next dinner party. I think I have the guest list figured out. Now I just have to determine the best seating arrangements.  Here are my guests:

This handsome fellow is Obtossaway, a Chief of the Ojibwas. I always invite him because he brings me beautiful beadwork and has excellent ideas for new hair styles. Plus, he's one of the few people I know who is willing to try my latest buffalo recipes.

Next is Vincent, a rather moody but extremely talented painter. I always have to remember not to sit anyone to his right - he has a bit of trouble hearing on that side.

This is Lisa, a young Russian girl I met in a museum. She looks very sweet but the rumors you've heard about her kleptomania are true, and after a couple of glasses of wine she swears like a sailor.  She livens up a group but I do have to keep an eye on her.

Mohatma is an extremely interesting conversationalist, but it's hard to get him to sit in a chair.  I never serve curry when he is coming over, since he is already starting to turn yellow. I think I will seat him next to Lisa and see what happens.

Mona here is handy in the kitchen, chopping vegetables and such, but it can be a little creepy the way she stares at you with that little smile, like she knows what you did last night.

These two, Nadine and Thelma, I will invite simply out of pity. Neither of them has had a date in years. Maybe Vincent could cheer them up.

A big bouquet of flowers for the center of the table.  And I think I need a couple of cute critters running around under the table.  Like these two:

This is Bob, from Yellowstone National Park.

And Polja from Finland.

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