Saturday, August 21, 2010

The strange, the unusual, and the slightly off-kilter

I love all the "normal" post cards I get: touristy cards, landscapes, map cards, art cards, etc.  But I also really enjoy the occasional oddball that I receive. They may make me smile, or scratch my head and go "HUH?", often both.  Today's post is going to be devoted to cards that fall into the "different" category.

This card from Estonia was a head-scratcher at  first. I turned it this way and that, then this way again, and finally decided that reading the description might be helpful.  It was. This is a Karl Blossfeldt photo of a Bell-flower magnified 10 times. I had just about decided that it was one of the strangest hats I'd ever seen. Maybe something that Thoroughly Modern Millie would wear.

This is a great card from Australia celebrating World Post Day, which is Oct. 9th.  Unlike Christmas, where you bring an entire tree into the house, World Post Day only requires the decorating of a large post.

"The Voyage" by Anne Laval, sent from Belgium.  Words escape me, as would my suitcase if I had to travel like this.

Another card from Belgium points out the danger of using too much fertilizer on your radishes. 

Jevgenija Ovsianikova's painting "Where fairytale comes from".  At first I thought this was just a mutant yam, but then I realized that yams never play the flute.  Although maybe they do, in Lithuania.

On the subject of strange creatures playing musical instruments, this card from Spain has to be my favorite.

Do you ever wonder what goes on in your kitchen when you're away from home?

HUH?  My only card showing a private suite in Radio City Music Hall in the 1930s.  I'll bet you don't have one of these.

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