Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Off to the beach

It's been a hot week here in Oregon, so Rusti and I are heading out this morning for Lincoln City where the forecast is for 74 degrees and slight ocean breezes. Aaaah, doesn't that sound nice? We're only staying a couple of days, since the aminals, I mean animals, get lonesome without us.  Clyde the parrot will be squawking his little green head off by the time we get back.  Malcolm the cat will be missing his morning cantaloupe. (We've added to his name - he's now known as Malcolm John Meloncat.) And Rocky the cat will be his usual mellow self, just staring into space waiting for the mother ship to return and pick him up.

Time to share a few more postcards from my stash.

Spanish inspired horse-driven Calesa dressed up during an annual calesa festival in front of Vigan Cathedral. Vigan is one of the oldest Spanish towns in the Philippines and Asia.

From The Netherlands I received this map card from one of the less than 4,000 inhabitants of this small island of Ameland.  I had never heard of this island before, had you?  Ameland consists mostly of sand dunes, and has some great views from the top of their lighthouse.

The famous Baron von Münchhausen was born in this part of Germany.  After living a very adventurous life, fighting the Ottoman Turks for example, the Baron returned home and proceeded to tell a lot of tall tales about his exploits.  Among other feats, he claimed to have ridden cannonballs, to have traveled to the moon, and to have escaped from a swamp by pulling himself up by his own hair. Makes your own life sound pretty dull, doesn't it? 

These decorations in a Thai temple represent "Garuda" which are large bird-like creatures that appear in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology. How would you like to look outside and see one of these at your bird feeder?

This was received just yesterday from Lithuania. This church must be gorgeous inside as well.

OK, time to finish packing my overnight back and to get on the road.  I just have to decide which shoes to take with me.

See you soon!

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