Sunday, October 16, 2011

Old travel posters

Over land and sea we go, thanks to some reproductions of old travel posters. 

I'm getting a little queasy. Did you bring along any Dramamine?

Words I have never spoken: "I'm taking the steamer to Canada next week." I have had steamer clams a few times though. Very tasty. Do you know why they're called "steamer" clams? Because they are cooked in steamer trunks such as this.

In fact, it was quite common to be accosted by thugs when leaving your ship upon arrival in Canada. Without warning, you could be knocked flat by a heavy bag of clams swung by a hungry thug. Alas, your steamer trunk is gone. The more thoughtful thugs would dump your belongings from your trunk before taking it away.

Some very popular Canadian clam dishes were named for those special flavors the clams acquired when steamed in trunks. "Old Lace Clams" and "Striped Cardigan Clams" are still considered delicacies.

This pretty girl seems to have a mutant turtle attached to her neck. Nevertheless, she is quite happy and her teeth are very white.

Imagine all the cocktails you could drink in the 42 hours it took you to get from Los Angeles to New Orleans. The woman on the right is rising for yet another wobbly visit to the ladies' room.

I shall now bid you adieu for the day. I have clams to steam.


mainer said...

That's funny about the steamer clams. I always thought it was because they were steamed. Love 'em that way.

Runs With Words said...

Thanks for your comment! I don't get many comments and I sometimes wonder if I'm talking to myself!

The quilts on your blog are beautiful. That's something I've never tried.