Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cue Twilight Zone music

The Edge of the World
by Will Barnet, 1979

What is this woman thinking as she stares off at the horizon? (Pick One)

  1. Should I cook my crock-pot roast for 8 hours on high or 12 hours on low?
  2. Something bad always happens when the sky is this color.
  3. I wonder why I am feeling so blue.
  4. Why does Herb always send me out here when he makes a phone call?
  5. Where are my arms?

by Susan Seddon Boulet, 1992 
 What is this woman thinking? (Pick One)

  1. My sinuses are killing me.
  2. I TOLD my hairdresser, "NO SPARKLES"!
  3. Even with this mask, I get asked SO often for autographs.
  4. Herb should have called by now.
  5. My hands are freezing, and very ugly.
 Plume, a medicine man of the Blood Tribe.

What is this man thinking? (I really don't care how many you pick.)
  1. This is absolutely the coolest hat I've ever had! Thanks, Mom.
  2. I can never get back up after sitting on the ground like this.
  3. I love this show - "Real Squaws on the Plains".
  4. Must kill more bear, finish necklace.
  5. Is this blog entry going to end sometime soon?
Yes, thank you for your answers. They will be compiled and used to make very important decisions, or not.

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