Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Dreaming of the sun

I got two postcards in the mail yesterday that go together very well. Plus they had some great stamps on them.

From The Ukraine, this card depicts a young girl deep in her daydreams and I think I know what she is dreaming about. SUNSHINE!!

How about a visit to the Azores? That ought to do it.  And I love the cat stamp!

If you can't make it to a sunny spot like the Azores, stay warm by bundling up in your favorite sweater and cap.

You could always have a family meeting to decide whether or not to go to the Azores.

Last night I dreamed that I was planning a vacation for a group of people. It was going to be a complete surprise. Part of the surprise was that we were going to take three pregnant cats along with us. I wasn't quite sure how that was going to go over.  But I figured that with everything else that was going to be crammed in the car, the cats probably wouldn't even be noticeable.  The camping gear was going to take up most of the space. I woke up before finding out if my trip was a success.

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