Friday, February 10, 2012

Fish blankets

What's been delivered to my mailbox lately? Let's have a peek!

From Germany I received this nice Vincent Van Gogh card. I'm a little confused by the woman's left hand. It looks like a giant bird claw. The sender mentioned that she has been working on a fish blanket for five years. I stopped right there and tried, unsuccessfully, to figure out why fish would need a blanket. Then I continued to read, as I should have done in the first place, and found that she is creating a blanket made up of hundreds of little knitted fish. Poor woman. I mean the woman with the giant bird claw, not the knitter, although she has my sympathy too.

Here's another head-scratcher. What is this cat holding, an upside down plucked chicken? Whatever it is, it looks like it could truly use a fish blanket. This is a scene from an animated Latvian film. I can't think of one more word to say about this.

Ahh, January in Finland. I hear that most of Europe is pretty much frozen at present. Here in Oregon, we are continuing with our usual wet-and-mild winter. Our squirrels aren't quite this large, but they are quite a bit warmer.

Don't despair! Soon it will be spring and all the insects will be smiling.

This artwork on the sides of an apartment building in Holland is all composed of recycled material such as glass, car parts, tiles and bottles. It was made by students and took 9 years to complete.  I hear that knitting will be involved in the next long-term class project. Just a rumor....

This is how moose say "Goodbye. See ya later".

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